The Union of Orthodox Banner Bearers hope for tsar’s return in Russia

The logo of the Union of Orthodox Banner-Bearers, which reads “Orthodoxy or Death” in Church Slavonic and Greek. The letters “СПХ” underneath the skull and crossbones are the group’s initials in Russian. Credit: Wikipedia

“We are striving for the restoration of an autocratic monarchy. Like the one we had under our tsars,” Leonid Simonovich-Nikshich, the group’s white-bearded leader, said.

Source: Russian Orthodox nationalists hope for tsar’s return – AOL News

The leader of this group – Leonid Simonovich-Nikshich – is on record as believing “It is only possible through the church. In no way is this possible in a political secular way because that would be a dictator.”

Does he really think that just because the Russian Orthodox Church might sanction the political leader of a future Russian ruling monarchy that said leader would not, and could not be a dictator? This seems like a terribly naive and/or self-serving belief to hold. The last Russian monarch was Tsar Nicholas II and he was more or less a dictator yet was backed by the church.

The Communists were anti-church for practical and ideological reasons. In other words they understood that religious institutions compromise an very important political power block within any society that they exist because mass religion is, by nature, inherently political. And being politically powerful they are just as capable of supporting dictatorial leaders as are secular institutions.