Why would anybody believe a “state news agency” about a subject that said state has a stake in? Governments lie, and lie big everyday all around the world. In fact it makes more sense to take the government’s obvious need to hype the projects as proof that they not being as well received as the Chinese anticipated. As far as the unifying the dreams of the every citizen of each country they deal with on the Road and Belt issue…? Give me a break!

In a glowing feature on Sunday, state news agency Xinhua said the “Belt and Road Initiative”, a string of Chinese-backed projects across Europe, Asia, and Africa, had been well received internationally since it was launched by President Xi Jinping five years ago, describing the initiative as one that would “unify the dreams of every country and their citizens”.

Source: China embarks on belt and road publicity blitz after Malaysia says no to debt-heavy infrastructure projects | South China Morning Post